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  1. Heineken1. Verified Buyer
    Great product.
    Will order soon thanks guys

    LiquiCia 3-Pack 25MG/ML | 30ML with dropper

  2. deepak. Verified Buyer
    Good Product.
    Good Product

    LiquiClen 200MCG/ML | 30ML with dropper

  3. rey. Verified Buyer
  4. jim. Verified Buyer
    element sarms liquid cia never fails to deliver, high quality at a fair price. will definitely order again.

    LiquiCia 25MG/ML | 30ML with dropper

  5. BillyBB. Verified Buyer
    Great results .
    I've tried other suppliers of sarms but nothing comes close to Element.

    MK-2866 - 50MG/1ML | 30ML Bottle with dropper

  6. David ST J. Verified Buyer
    On target. Excellent product and fast shipping.
    Great suspension.

    Letrozole 3.5MG/ML | 30ML with dropper

  7. Aaron B. Verified Buyer
    Best quality .
    Will be reordering soon.

    Anastrozole 1.5MG/ML | 30ML with dropper

  8. Rosanne. Verified Buyer
    Wonderful products... Speedy delivery. Excellent.

    Melanotan 2 10MG

  9. Lane. Verified Buyer
    Awesome .
    It works great!

    Clomiphene 50MG/ML | 30ML with dropper

  10. Lane. Verified Buyer
    Awesome .
    Just awesome!!

    LiquiCia 25MG/ML | 30ML with dropper

  11. RalphNelly. Verified Buyer
    Best Fragment .
    Hi guys, thanks for great service, fast shipping and clean products! Will re order soon.

    Frag Premium 176-191 5MG

  12. Bill M. Verified Buyer
    No complaints here.
    I ordered on a Wed, received my package by Fri. Looking forward to posting results soon.

    MK-2866 - 50MG/1ML | 30ML Bottle with dropper

  13. H. Pepper. Verified Buyer
    A+ Service, A+ Products, great research results. My new source for research chems.

    LiquiCia 25MG/ML | 30ML with dropper

  14. Carlos L.. Verified Buyer
    Great product.
    Noticable results.

    Element Cutting Stack

  15. Christopher. Verified Buyer
    I've purchased Letrazole from here and it worked perfectly in my research. Two bottles of this CRAP and absolutely no results. No strength increases nor weight gains on my lab rats, NOTHING! Don't waste your money folks. Two thumbs way down

    LGD-4033 - 10MG/1ML | 30ML Bottle with dropper

  16. Don . Verified Buyer
    GREAT product fast shipping.
    Came very quickly and was packaged great. So far the product is exactly what I was looking for. Just wish it came with a dropper. Other wise spot on products. Will be ordering my products from your company. Thanks

    Element Bridge Stack

  17. NineInchMillionaire. Verified Buyer
    Great product! Great Service!.
    Excellent product, will re-order soon.

    LiquiCia 3-Pack 25MG/ML | 30ML with dropper

  18. Eric. Verified Buyer
    Nothing at all.
    Went all the way up to 400 mcgs and nothing ,so i highly will not be purchasing again.

    T3 LIOTHYRONINE 200MCG/ML | 30ML with dropper

  19. Grey. Verified Buyer
    One of my bottles had residue at the bottom and nothing more but the quality seems to be there the rest of them.
    The quality seems to be there but it's the only d e s I've ever had I'm used to lr3

    BOGO IGF-1 DES 1MG | No Coupon Codes

  20. Bart. Verified Buyer
    Excellent customer service great product.
    Top shelf...I wish I would have subscribed before I ordered I could have saved 30%..ill be using it soon when I order again

    T3 LIOTHYRONINE 200MCG/ML | 30ML with dropper

  21. Ed. Verified Buyer
    Quality is Amazing .
    I’ve been using elements arms for about 2 1/2 yrs now and everything I’ve tried as worked as online reviews advise. A+ quality, Great customer service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    MK-2866 - 50MG/1ML | 30ML Bottle with dropper

  22. Theresa. Verified Buyer
    Happy Customer for liqclen.
    Arrived fast, it was referred to me by a friend who knew others had used this site and researched this. It seems to be the real deal, I definitely reported effects when researching it but I’ve only been on it 2 days. I’ll come back and review results if I think about it. This is my first experience researching this.

    LiquiClen 200MCG/ML | 30ML with dropper

  23. Alan. Verified Buyer
    Great service, most products fantastic...LGD did not work for my buddy's rat or mine..
    My buddy and I split an order of 3 bottles, and planned for our lab rats to use 5mg ED for 10 weeks(bottles only netted us each 61 days, whereas it should have been 90 days worth) and we saw little to no effects. We have tested another sources LGD for the same cycle in the past and saw GREAT results. The pricing was great, so we took a chance, and we're disappointing. Based on the other great reviews, it could be we got a bad batch, but we can't help but feel we wasted our time and money. I will add that the GW we got from ES was legit, and probably the best I've come across." Other notes: -The liquid cia was seemingly on par with other liquids I've tried, albeit still not nearly as effective as tablets in same dosage. Would order again in a pinch. -The Osta seemed a bit weaker than the previous 2 sources I used, though it's harder to tell as it's a relatively mild compound, and blood work of my test rats showed some minor suppression, which may be a good sign. Also, never had it suspended in an ethanol solution before, so the taste test, while it seemed to be lacking the taste I was accustomed to doesn't hold much weight in my analysis. -liquidex was got as a back up, as I use pharma whenever I can, so can't say anything about that. -GW was on point. The taste was there, and if anything was stronger and more effective than what I've got in the past. Great job on this! Overall, the pricing, and ease of ordering, and quick and brilliant packaging/shipping was above par for the industry. I was excited to find you guys, and told many of my buds about you, and they ended up ordering for themselves to test on their rats. I feel bad about that now, and hope my batch was not representative of the usual product shipped., especially concerning the LGD,

    LGD-4033 10MG/ML | 30ML | BUY 2 GET 1 FREE

  24. Shelby. Verified Buyer
    Wonderful experience.
    Thanks. Wonderful experience.

    LiquiClen 200MCG/ML | 30ML with dropper

  25. Sebastian. Verified Buyer
    Good package.
    Professional.LiquiCia is great. Good package.

    LiquiCia 3-Pack 25MG/ML | 30ML with dropper

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