Can you please tell me how to use your products?

Absolutely not. Our products are sold for RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY. To reiterate we are a supply company and research questions are beyond our scope of knowledge.

How long does it take to process your orders?

Most orders are processed and ship the same day. Orders placed after 11am EST will ship the following day (excluding Sundays). Because we ship from within the USA, you can expect your package fast regardless of how you decide to pay. However please note that during this pandemic we are experiencing unsual delays in all levels of shipping due to limited staff at USPS

Who do you use to deliver your orders?

We proudly use the United States Postal Service, www.usps.com. USPS has been extremely reliable and gives us the ability to ship to P.O. Boxes if need be.

Why isn’t my country listed on the checkout page?

If your country isn’t listed on our checkout page it’s because we do not ship there. Excluded countries include Denmark, Germany, Hawaii, Norway, New Zealand, United Kingdom, India or The Philippines.

Why does the US Postal Service show the order in their system but no more information?

We drop off an average of 200 packages per day and we can not wait for each package to be scanned, nor do they look forward to scanning so many. Give it a day or two for their system to update at the next sorting facility; it will scan.

Where do you ship from?

Our products are shipped depending on stock, from multiple fullfilment centers including Colorado, Florida, and South Carolina, USA.

How can I be assured that your products are genuine?

Our business’s success relies upon you being satisfied and returning. Our products are made adhering to the strictest oversight and controls. We guarantee above 99% purity on all our products or we will happily replace your order free of charge!

What does ELEMENT SARMS do?

We are a research peptide and research chemical supply company.

Do you take phone orders?

No, all orders should be placed online via our secure, encrypted online store.

Do you offer overnight shipping?

Not yet. We do offer an Express option that in most cases take 1 to 2 days for delivery but is not guaranteed due to USPS policy and the current pandemic.

Do you accept returns or give refunds for unused products?

For health and safety reasons involving research chemicals and peptides we do not accept returns or refunds on products sold. All sales are final. We will however replace any product if it does not meet at least 99% Purity.

How do you store peptides?

All of our peptides are stable at room temperature for approximately 2 years. However, once you reconstitute them, we recommend storing them in the refrigerator.

Why haven’t I gotten an email responses from you about my order?

Check your spam folder. Our system automatically generates responses including the initial order confirmation, processing status email, and shipment email when your order is complete with tracking number.

Where can I go to get more info on Melanotan II?

There are endless arrays of information online for Melanotan II, we do not comment on anything regarding its alleged uses or how to administer this product. By purchasing from us you are agreeing you are qualified to handle these peptides and will NOT ingest them.

Where are your Peptides and Liquid Research Chemicals manufactured?

All of our products are proudly manufactured right here in the U.S.A.!

I clicked “Process Order” on the checkout screen but nothing happened, did my order go through?

Sometimes if your order does not get processed you may have to clear your browser’s cache or change browsers.  When you successfully click the “Process Order” button, a processing status bar will appear as your order is being sent to us.  Normally orders are accepted within 30 seconds depending on your internet connection.  If it takes longer than 2 minutes, you can contact us at [email protected] or at (800) 393-6010 for assistance.  We also have live chat directly on the site usually available from 9am-6pm (EST).  Also, check your inbox and spam/junk folders to see if you received the confirmation email from us, it is sent automatically when a transaction is completed.

Will you ship my peptides or liquid research chemicals without labels on them?

Absolutely not, however, if you are looking for white labeling we can provide basic labels with your company’s logo on them instead of ours.  We can also provide generic labels with no logos.   This service is included in all wholesale orders, please contact us as soon as you place your order so we can work with you to provide the proper label for your order.  However, by law we must display the product name, potency, lot number, expiration, and proper warnings.  If you do not contact us within 24 hours of placing your wholesale order, your products will ship with ELEMENT SARMS’ labels on them.

My order is taking longer than it says on your site.

Please keep in mind that the time frames for shipping displayed on checkout are ONLY estimates and we cannot guarantee delivery within that time.  We process all orders within 24 hours, however, once an item leaves our facility, it is beyond our control.  If there is a substantial delay, we will work with you to reach a fair resolution, usually a discount for future orders or a partial refund for shipping fees.  These are handled case by case, but our customers are always satisfied with the remedy.

Do your Liquid Research Chemicals need to be refrigerated?

No.  All of our Liquid Research Chemicals are stable at room temperature.   We do however recommend that you refrigerate any peptides once they are reconstituted.

What does Lyophilized mean?

Lyophilized is a technical term for freeze dried.  It is the state that our peptides are shipped and stored in.  They do not need to be kept cold until reconstituted and are stable at room temperature for approximately two years in this state.

The powder in the Peptide vial is a solid mass or broken up and powdery, is this normal?

Absolutely, most of the time it will appear solid, however due to shipping and handling, the solid mass may break up and appear powdery.  There is nothing wrong with this; it will not affect the purity of the peptide.

When I reconstituted the powder in the vial, it did not dissolve right away, is this bad?

No, this is not a problem nor an indicator of good or bad quality.  Simply give it a little time, it will dissolve completely.  You can also roll the vial gently between your fingers, however NEVER shake the vial as this may damage the peptides.

Do you take any other forms of payment other than credit cards?

Under certain circumstances we will accept checks or bank wires, however keep in mind that your product will not ship until payment has cleared.  If you require one of these payment methods, please contact us to make arrangements.

I lost my account username or password, what do I do?

You can retrieve your password by going here.  You can use your email to sign in.

How do I sign up for an account with elementsarms?

Simple…and it’s FREE!  Just click here to register.

Do I get anything for registering with ELEMENT SARMS?

Absolutely!  You will receive:

  • Automatically get Element Sarms Rewards Points with every purchase for huge savings
  • 10 FREE Element Sarms Rewards Points just for registering. 1 point is $1.00
  • Faster Checkouts
  • Notices of new products and exciting sales
  • Exclusive sales events

Sign up HERE!

Where can I find my past orders?

From your account page, you will be able to see any orders you’ve placed since signing up.  If you placed an order prior to registering for a FREE account with ELEMENT SARMS, simply contact us and we will find it for you.

Where can I find how many Peptides Points I have?

Just visit your account page and your total will be displayed there.

I entered the wrong shipping information for my order, how do I change it?

Simply contact us and we will make the necessary changes for you.   If your order has already left and it has the wrong information on it, you will have to wait until the product is returned to us before we reship a replacement.  We will cover the reship fee if it’s within the U.S.A., however, any international reship fees will be charged to the customer.

Can you declare my parcel as a gift or lower the stated amount?

Absolutely not.  We will not misrepresent any information on customs forms.  Prior to purchasing, it is the buyers responsibility to know the taxes or VAT for importing items from the US into their country and they are responsible for any related fees.

How much does it cost to ship to my city or country?

We offer FREE shipping on orders over $200.00 if within the U.S.A.  Any other delivery charges are calculated based on what you ordered, where it is being shipped, and how fast you require your order.  Most domestic packages are under $13-$28 and most international orders are around $40-$70 (give or take). 

My order cleared customs over a week ago but it still hasn’t arrived. How come?

It is very common for customs to hold a parcel pending confirmation that the peptides are cleared to pass into your country.  We provide a declaration with our orders so customs knows what they are and should allow them to pass.  Please remain patient for your items, keep in mind this is something that is out of our control, however we will work with you until your parcel has been confirmed delivered.

Do you offer custom protein synthesis?

Yes, we do.  We can handle most requests, simply contact us with what it is you require and we will get back to you within 48 hours with an answer and a quote.

For more info visit our Custom Peptide Synthesis Page

Are your products safe to ingest?

Absolutely not!  All of the products sold on elementsarms are strictly for research purposes only.  If you intentionally or accidentally ingest any products from ELEMENT SARMS you are exposing yourself to severe medical risk.  You should contact your health provider immediately.  If you make any references or it is the belief of ANY of the staff at ELEMENT SARMS that you intend to ingest our products, we will immediately cancel your order and ban you from ordering in the future.   We will not under any circumstances discuss any potential effects any of our products would have if ingested, this would be ILLEGAL!

What are Element Sarms Rewards Points?

Element Sarms Rewards Points are rewards points you earn simply by shopping at www.elementsarms.com.  All you have to do is register for a FREE account, and then every purchase you ever make will earn you one Element Sarms Rewards Points for every dollar you spend.

Every ten points is redeemable for $1.oo OFF!  So essentially you’re getting 10% OFF future orders just by being a loyal customer.  Our points are worth TWICE as much as our competition!

You’ll also earn 50 FREE Element Sarms Rewards Points just for signing up!  Start today!

How do I redeem my Element Sarms Rewards Points?

It couldn’t be easier to use your Element Sarms Rewards Points!  As long as you’re signed into your account, you just add your items to your cart then on the checkout page,  you’ll be given the option to redeem your points.  It’s that easy!

Do my Element Sarms Rewards Points cover shipping costs too?

Indeed they do, unlike our competition, there are no restrictions to redeeming your Element Sarms Rewards Points.

What are Element Sarms Rewards Points worth?

You earn one Element Sarms Point for every dollar you spend with ELEMENT SARMS.  Only ten Element Sarms Rewards Points are needed to save a dollar!  Check out all the details here.

Net Peptide Content Defined

The net peptide content is different from the peptide pureness. The net peptide content is the portion of peptides about nonpeptidic products, mainly counterions and dampness. The web peptide content can be identified by amino acid evaluation. Usually, hydrophilic peptides absorb small quantities of dampness even under strict lyophilization problems. Net peptide material might differ from set to set depending upon the purification and also lyophilization processes.

Peptide Purity Defined

Peptide purity is the quantity of the target peptide as identified by HPLC at 214 nm, where the peptide bond takes in. Water as well as recurring salts are not discovered by UV spectrophotometer. Various other impurities that can be located in the content consist of removal series (much shorter peptides lacking several amino acids of the target sequence), truncated sequences (created by capping actions to prevent the buildup of deletion peptides), and also incompletely deprotected series (produced throughout the synthesis or the last bosom process).

Peptide purity does not consist of any kind of water or salts in the sample. TFA arises from HPLC purification. The free N terminus and opposite chains such as Arg, Lys, as well as His kind trifluoroacetates and this permits percentages of TFA to contaminate the peptides. Peptides are typically delivered as trifluoroacetates having recurring water. Also in lyophilized peptides, varying amounts of noncovalently expecteded water still already existing.

All of ELEMENT SARMS peptides are guaranteed to be 99% pure or better.

How should I dissolve Peptides?

The solubility of a peptide is figured out mostly by its polarity. Acidic peptides can be reconstituted in basic buffers, whereas basic peptides could be dissolved in acidic solutions. Hydrophobic peptides as well as neutral peptides which contain great deals of hydrophobic or polar uncharged amino acids should be liquefied in percentages of natural solvent such as DMSO, DMF, acetic acid, acetonitrile, methanol, propanol, or isopropanol, and after that watered down utilizing water. DMSO ought to not be utilized with peptides that methionine or free cysteine considering that it could corrode the side-chain.

Examine a section of the manufactured peptide just before dissolving the remainder of the sample. Lyophilized peptides should be centrifuged briefly to pellet all the material. You should check numerous different solvents until you locate the suitable one. Sonication could be made use of to enhance solubility.

First, assign a value of −1 to each acidic residue (Asp [D], Glu [E], and the C-terminal –COOH). After that, assign a value of +1 to each basic residue (Arg [R], Lys [K], His [H], and the N-terminal -NH2), and then calculate the overall charge of the peptide.

If the overall charge of the peptide is positive, the peptide is basic. Try to dissolve the peptide in distilled water if possible. If it fails to dissolve in water, then try to dissolve the peptide in a small amount of 10–25% acetic acid. If this fails, add TFA (10–50 µl) to solubilize the peptide, and then dilute it to your desired concentration.
If the overall charge of the peptide is negative, the peptide is acidic. Acidic peptides might be soluble in PBS (pH 7.4). If this fails, add a small amount of basic solvent such as 0.1 M ammonium bicarbonate to dissolve the peptide, and then add water to the desired concentration. Peptides that contain free cysteines should be dissolved in de-gassed acidic buffers because thiol moieties will be oxidized rapidly to disulfides at pH >7.

If the overall charge of the peptide is 0, the peptide is neutral. Neutral peptides usually dissolve in organic solvents. First, try to add a small amount of acetonitrile, methanol, or isopropanol. For very hydrophobic peptides, try to dissolve the peptide in a small amount of DMSO, and then dilute the solution with water to the desired concentration. For Cys-containing peptides, use DMF instead of DMSO. For peptides that tend to aggregate, add 6 M guanidine, HCl, or 8 M urea, and then proceed with the necessary dilutions.
To prevent or minimize degradation, store the peptide in lyophilized form at −20°C, or preferably −80°C. If the peptide is in solution, freeze-thaw cycles should be avoided by freezing individual aliquots.

Positively charged residues: K, R, H, and the N-terminus
Negatively charged residues: D, E, and the C-terminus
Hydrophobic uncharged residues: F, I, L, M, V, W, and Y
Uncharged residues: G, A, S, T, C, N, Q, P, acetyl, and amide

RKDEFILGASRHD: (+5) + (-4) = +1 This is a basic peptide. See step #2 above.
EKDEFILGASEHR: (+4) + (-5) = -1 This is an acidic peptide. See step #3 above.
AKDEFILGASEHR: (+4) + (-4) = 0 This is a neutral peptide. See step #4 above.

What does it mean when a product is marked USA only?

Due to the nature of some of our products and the varying laws around the world, we restrict shipping of certain items outside of the country.  If a product is marked USA only, you will not be able to complete your order with the item in your cart if you live outside the USA.

Where can I find more reviews about ELEMENT SARMS?

Check out our Reviews Page with links to over a dozen very recognizable business listing sites.

You can also visit our Facebook page to see what people are saying.

Can I be sure the reviews on your site are legit?

We use a third party company that hosts all of our reviews, you can not leave a review directly from our site.  The ONLY way to leave a review on any of our products is through an email you receive after you’ve placed an order and received your product(s).   All reviews are from verified customers so that you can be 100% sure the reviews on our site are real.

Why did I not earn Element Sarms Rewards Points on my purchase?

There are two reasons why you didn’t earn points  on your purchase:

  1. If you redeemed your Element Sarms Rewards Points to make a purchase, you do not earn Element Sarms Rewards Points for that purchase.

  2. If you did not sign in prior to checking out, then the system has no way of knowing who gets the points.  Make sure you always sign in before placing an order.

  3. If you are due Element Sarms Rewards Points for an order you placed, simply contact us and we will make sure your account is credited.

What about orders I placed prior to registering with ELEMENT SARMS, do I get Element Sarms Rewards Points for those?

No problem, just contact us and we’ll credit your account for all of your previous orders.

How many Element Sarms Rewards Points do I receive for every dollar I spend?

After registering, you will receive one Element Sarms Rewards Point for every dollar spent!

How do you synthesis your peptides?

We have strategic partnerships with various labs to produce only the highest purity peptides available. An example of the methods used are as follows:

Unlike the natural protein synthesis, peptides are manufactured from the C to N terminus. Peptide synthesis is done using PeptideSyn innovation based on Fmoc or t-Boc chemical make up to secure the alpha amino group. The deprotection representative (piperidine for Fmoc, TFA for Boc) releases the alpha amino team in planning for combining the following amino acid in the sequence. This exposes a new N-terminal amine to which the following amino acid could be triggered by among a number of reagents, developing a peptide bond. When the synthesis is total, peptides are cleaved from the material as well as de-protected. Peptides are then precipitated, cleaned, and lyophilized.


All products provided to ELEMENT SARMS are taken into consideration the confidential home of the consumer. ELEMENT SARMS provides totally free HPLC and also MS results with most orders. Peptides are purified by reverse-phase chromatography. The chromatogram suggests the number and also relative quantity of by-products. The molecular mass of the peptide is established by mass spectrometry to validate that the correct product is being delivered. MS outcomes additionally reveal the masses of the main contaminations. Net peptide material is indicated by either amino acid evaluation or elemental analysis. These methods permit the confirmation of the amino acid structure of the peptides. They work as additional ways of verification of peptide identity. All artificial peptides satisfying the customer’s purity requirements are sent. All residual elements, such as peptides not complying with the our pureness standards are discarded.

What are APIs?

APIs also known as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients are the substances in drugs that are pharmaceutically active, such as Tadalafil sildenafil, Clomiphene, and so on. Since our products are NOT intended for any pharmaceutical purposes and are sold strictly for research and development, our liquid research chemicals cannot be considered APIs. Although similar, their intended use is different and therefore are classified as research liquids.

What are Catalog Peptides?

Catalog Peptides are commercially offered sequences. They are typically created in large quantities at high degrees of pureness. These peptides are normally customized to customers’ particular demands. For instance, specific sequences, alterations, pureness degrees, or lengths may be needed by the customer.

In recent years catalog peptides have grown in popularity as more and more research is being conducted and new discoveries are being made.

ELEMENT SARMS offers a full line of catalog peptides.

What are Linkers and Resins?

Resin is the polymeric backbone to which substrates are secured. Various materials have various properties. For example, polystyrene swells in non-polar solvents, while polyethylene glycol swells in polar and non-polar solvents. Linkers are intermediate structures that attach the material to the substrate. Various linkers could be utilized to unmask different functional groups on the substrate.

What does 99% Purity mean?

Peptide purity is the term used to describe the percentage of peptide with the target sequence amongst the total amount of material. Due to the fact that peptide bond buildup is not 100 % efficient during peptide synthesis, not all polypeptide chains are made of the target sequence. As an example, some chains could not be full, or amino acids could not bind suitably. These deleted or incorrect sequences develop a particular percent of peptides in the majority of peptide combinations. We analyze as well as purify crude peptides utilizing reverse stage HPLC, and then assess the resulting product making use of MS to accomplish the desired target sequence purity.

After our peptides have been detoxified and also lyophilized, the white peptide powder will have some non-peptide components such as water, salts, absorbed solvents, as well as counter ions. The peptide content describes the real percentage weight of the peptide in your end product. This number varies, yet is generally 97 – 99 % depending on the pureness, sequence, as well as approaches utilized for synthesis as well as filtration. When calculating the concentration of peptide options for biological assays or various other experiments, it is vital that the peptide content is accounted for. The real peptide attention can be figured out by deducting the non-peptide weight from the complete weight, which permits you to determine just what quantity of solvent to make use of.



Melanotan 2, Peptides, SARM’s & SERM’s are not drugs nor intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease, nor meant for ANY cosmetic purpose. Melanotan 2 (MT-2) is a generic peptide not intended for human ingestion. ELEMENT SARMS makes no claims of alleged beneficial properties of Melanotan 2 if injected or ingested in any manner. Melanotan 2 is not a tanning agent and any requests regarding dosage, side effects, tanning injections or similar inquires will be ignored. Our Peptides are exclusively distributed legally within the laws of safe harbor for research peptides and are to be used for that purpose ONLY. If any country’s governing bodies feel we are in violation of their laws regarding Melanotan 2 (MT-2) and/or other peptides, we ask you contact us immediately via [email protected] so we may expeditiously rectify the situation.All customers represent and warrant that through their own review and study that they are fully aware and knowledgeable about the following: Their government regulations regarding the importation, purchase, possession and use of Melanotan 2 (MT-2) and other peptides. The health and safety hazards associated with the handling of Melanotan 2 (MT-2) and other peptides in a research setting. That Melanotan 2 (MT-2) and other peptides are NOT intended to be used as a food additive, drug, vitamin, supplement, cosmetic or any other inappropriate application. Such a sale would be otherwise denied.

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